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Special issue of Maria published

A special issue of Maria: A Journal of Marian Studies is now available to read online here:

Following the conference entitled More Universal than Catholicism? Mary among Asian Religions, which we co-organised with the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics (ISAC) in May 2023, we are delighted to publish articles that draw on the inspiring Marian research that was addressed by five of the speakers. 


In our May issue (4.1) there are papers that focus on ‘Universal Belief and Local Apparition: Holy Mary and Inculturation in Taiwan’, ‘Devotion and Miracles in the late Seventeenth-Century Spanish Philippines’, Regulating Marialis Cultus in Macau’, ‘The Virgin Mary with the Face of Gwan-eum: Theological Reflection on Korean sculptor Choi Jong-tae’s Artworks’, and ‘Three Faces of Mary in the Vietnamese Diaspora’.

If you would like to comment on any of the journal's content, please send an email to the editors at the following address:

We warmly welcome original research on Marian topics. If you wish to submit an article or discussion piece for consideration by our editorial board, please see the guidelines here:

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