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Past Events

The CMS has organised many events over the years; here is  a list of the titles of conferences presented by the centre. 


The Virgin Mary: Representation and devotion in Britain (1996), Holy Wisdom in Christian tradition (1997), Mary in modern Catholic theology (1998), Miracles of the Virgin (1999), Mary and Islam (hosted jointly with the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, 2000), Black Madonnas: Discerning the meaning in the mystery (2001), Nature and the Virgin Mary: Perspectives from theology and human ecology (2002), The Immaculate Conception (hosted jointly with the Franciscan Study Centre, Canterbury, 2004), Holy Wisdom (2006), The Origins of the Cult of the Virgin Mary (2006), The Cult of the Virgin Mary in Early Roman and Byzantine Christianity (2010), The Continuing Temple (2012), The Virgin Mary and Women in Christianity and Islam (2013), The Virgin Mary in Britain and Ireland (hosted jointly with York St. John University, 2014), and Unwedded Bride: Hymns in honour of the Mother of God in the Eastern and Oriental Churches (2015).

For more information on recent conferences please see below. 

8th - 10th July 2021

Bridges and Boundaries: The Role of the Virgin Mary in Faith and Culture - Virtual Conference

Conference information
The Centre for Marian Studies collaborated with the Institute of Theology and Liberal Arts at St Mary's University to host an online conference entitled ‘Bridges and Boundaries: the role of the Virgin Mary in faith and culture’ from 8th – 10th July 2021. To read more about this conference click here

29th February 2020

'Marian Apparitions and Shrines'- One-day course led
by Dr Chris Maunder
The CMS have joined forces with Sarum College in Salisbury to
offer a number of one-day courses on the Virgin Mary. Chris Maunder author of
'Our Lady of the Nations' will be discussing facts and figures about 19th and 20th
century European apparitions of Mary but also offering an analysis of them. 2
8th December 2018
Miraculous Conceptions: The Origins of Mary and Jesus in Theology and Story-telling
MC Conference_A4 & A3 poster_18-049_SEP1

Please click here to read the conference report

18th-20th August 2015
The Centre for Marian Studies and the Orthodox Network
Unwedded Bride: Marian Hymns in the Eastern Churches
A two-day conference on the Mother of God in the Orthodox and Oriental churches
Unwedded Bride poster.jpg

Conference information

The earliest evidence for devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary comes from the Greek and Oriental churches, and the writings of the early authors of Eastern Christianity have influenced the cult of the Mother of God in both East and West. The Western church in recent decades has seen an upsurge of interest in the liturgy and theology of the East, and this conference will draw together scholars from both sets of traditions and from the secular academy to consider the rich Marian inheritance of Byzantine, Near Eastern and non-Chalcedonian Christians, with a focus on the tradition of hymnody.

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