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More Universal than Catholicism? Join us for an online conference on Mary among Asian religions

The Centre for Marian Studies at St Mary’s University has joined with the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics at the National University of Singapore to co-host an online conference from 10th - 12th May 2023. Please join us to hear papers from a wide range of international speakers who will investigate the many ways that Mary is understood by Asian people around the world.

Registration is free.

In Asia, Mary has long been integrated into various religious and cultural traditions. Venerated by people from Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Taoist, Buddhist, and other faiths, Mary stands as the most pan-religious figure of the continent. The six thematic panels will question what these Marian devotions say about notions of religion, migration, interreligious relations, gender, and popular religiosity.

Please click here to access the Conference Programme:

and click here to register for the Zoom link:

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