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Mary, Founder of Christianity

The Centre of Marian Studies is hosting Chris Maunder’s launch of his new book, Mary, Founder of Christianity. Chris is the treasurer of the CMS and co-editor of Maria, the CMS journal. The book, however, is not an academic piece (although based on scholarly research), rather it is intended for the general public. Chris, in conjunction with the publisher Oneworld, has chosen a provocative title intended to engender debate about the contribution of Mary and her female companions to the origins of Jesus’ movement.

The launch will be a Zoom event, free of charge, on Wednesday June 15th, from 7 to 8.30 p.m. British Summer Time (6 to 7.30 GMT). Chris will introduce his book with a talk, and Sarah Jane Boss, who is reviewing the book, will respond. Then there will be an opportunity for general debate.

Please sign up here for the event and we will e-mail the Zoom link for you

to join the launch near to the time.

The book can be purchased here

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