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Catholics, Jews and Mary - Finding Common Ground among Ancient Sources

By Rabbi Dr Jonathan Allen (Paper given at the 2021 Conference)


In 2018, Dr Brant Pitre published a popular level book in which he proposed that the Jewish, Deutero-Canonical and inter-testamental writings could be used to justify the Catholic positions on Mary to Jewish and Protestant audiences. In this presentation, I will briefly examine some of these sources and then compare Pitre's work with that of Prof. Daniel Boyarin on the diversity of Judaism in the times of the Second Temple, that of Richard Bauckham on the New Testament's high Jewish Christological language, and that of N T Wright on the Second Adam. I will investigate whether it is possible to develop common ground today for dialogue between Judaism and the Christian world based on the positions that the earliest believers held within Second Temple Judaism.

Click the link below to read the full article.

J Allen Conference Paper 2021
Download PDF • 169KB

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