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Our Lady of the Nations:Marian Apparitions and Shrines in Europe

Dr Chris Maunder of the Centre for Marian Studies will be leading a Study Day at Sarum College in Salisbury on Saturday 29 February 2020. The one-day course will cover shrines and apparitions of Mary in modern Catholicism, with a special emphasis on Europe.

The aims of the day are that participants will have opportunities to:

1. Appreciate the breadth of this phenomenon, and develop knowledge about well-known and little-known cases, taking into mind social contexts.

2. Discuss the figure of Mary at the centre of the visionary claims and messages.

3. Analyse the Roman Catholic Church response to apparitions and new pilgrimages, and how this shapes the development of a cult.

4. Consider the visionary as a human subject, e.g. their creative contribution, the pressures put upon them, the ways in which they are rejected or idolized by different parties.

The course is open to people of all faiths and none, to those who already have knowledge about Marian apparition shrines, and those who do not. You do not have to agree with the views of the tutor to participate! It is recommended that, beforehand, attendees have a quick look at websites concerned with listing the apparitions of Mary, particularly and

Those who have time might like to access Chris Maunder’s book, Our Lady of the Nations: Apparitions of Mary in 20th Century Catholic Europe (2016, paperback 2018).

Contact Alison Ogden for all booking enquiries | 01722 424826 | 01722 424800 (main reception)

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