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October Research Seminar

“‘A phoenix from the ashes, a throne amongst the ruins': antiquity and memory at Bartolo Longo's Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary in Pompeii”

Date: Wednesday 11th October 2023

Time: 3pm (in the UK)

Online via Zoom

In this seminar Dr. Jessica Hughes (The Open University) will share some of her ongoing research on the Pontifical Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary of Pompeii, which was founded in the 1870s by a lawyer named Bartolo Longo. The first part of her paper will present the early history of the Shrine, tracking its rapid development into one of Italy’s major pilgrimage sites. She will then focus on the relationship between the Shrine and the neighbouring archaeological site of ancient Pompeii - already a popular tourist destination at the time of the Shrine’s foundation. Drawing on devotional literature and images, as well as archival records of building work and early festival celebrations, the seminar will present an overview of how the ancient ruins of the 'Old Pompeii' were drawn on by Longo and his collaborators to create a unique identity for the Catholic 'New Pompeii' and its growing Marian devotion.

If you have not already registered for the free Zoom link but would like to attend, please send an email to:

This is the first of a new series of online research seminars organised by the Centre for Marian Studies at St Mary’s University. If you would like to see the full programme, please visit:

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