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Issue 3.2 of Maria published

The latest issue of Maria: A Journal of Marian Studies is now available to read online for free here:

As well as publishing a fascinating article on the subject of medieval depictions of the crucifixion on a madonna lily, we are now introducing a new dimension by incorporating discission papers and opinion pieces that we hope will encourage responses from our readers.

In our November issue you will find an argument for the dogmatic definition of Mary as Co-redemptrix; a paper that sheds new light on the Marian visions of Julian of Norwich; and a theological reflection on the significance of Elizabeth Kindelmann’s writing on devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. If you would like to comment on any of the journal's content, please send an email to the editors at the following address:

We are also pursuing our aim of making translations of important Marian texts accessible in English, and this month we are including a beautiful extract from a work by Jean-Jacques Olier. The issue concludes with a review of Amy Peeler’s recent monograph entitled Women and the Gender of God.

If you wish to submit an original article or discussion piece for consideration by our editorial board, please see the guidelines here::


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