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February Research Seminar

Towards a relational reading of the Marian dogmas

Date: Wednesday 21st February 2024

Time: 3 pm (in the UK)

Venue: Online via Zoom

The Immaculate Conception (Diego Valáquez, 1618-19) The National Gallery*

In this seminar, Fiona Li (Regis College at the University of Toronto, Canada) will present a relational reading of the Marian Dogmas that is rooted in the image of Mary as Pontifex. She will argue that Mary as Pontifex, as the title implies, is focused on bridging gaps and uniting cultures, nations, and people together.   

Using this understanding of Mary as a lens through which we view the Marian Dogmas, she will begin to tease out what these Marian Dogmas have to say about our relationships with ourselves, with others, with non-human creation, and with God. She is hopeful that such an alternative reading of the Marian Dogmas can not only help us individually with our relationships but also institutionally in ecumenical dialogues.  

To join the audience, please register for the free Zoom link by sending an email to Catherine O’Brien:

This is the fifth of a new series of online research seminars organised by the Centre for Marian Studies at St Mary’s University. Please see the full programme here:

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